About Us

Rio Vista Behavioral Health is home to a comprehensive suite of supports for individuals who are struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse concerns. We are pleased to provide an individualized treatment experience in a tranquil, supportive setting for each man, woman, and child who heals with us. 

 At Rio Vista, our acute psychiatric services are designed to meet the unique stabilization and treatment needs of every patient. Some patients who are struggling with chemical dependence can also benefit from accessing our detoxification, or detox, program before progressing to other levels of care. Our treatment approach is founded on the belief that stabilization and ridding the mind and body of harmful substances are critical first steps on the journey to recovery. 

By engaging with the various supports at Rio Vista Behavioral Health, you or a loved one can gain the strength and clarity needed to progress in recovery. We are always available to answer questions about our program and our services, and we can help you begin the admissions process today. Contact us to learn more.

Introducing Rio Vista Behavioral Health

Opening in early 2019, Rio Vista Behavioral Health will offer state-of-the-art inpatient psychiatric and detox services in the El Paso, Texas, area. We look forward to providing men, women, and children in our community with individualized treatment planning and ongoing recovery support.